Gallow Field Road
Market Harborough
LE16 7QZ

Telephone: 01858 545 328


In September 2020 there were 93 children on roll. 

The class arrangements are:

  • Fox Cubs - Foundation Stage (Reception) - 13 children
  • Rabbits - Year 1 & 2 (Key Stage 1) - 29 children
  • Otters - Year 3 & 4 (Key Stage 2) - 25 children
  • Badgers - Year 5 & 6 (Key Stage 2) - 26 children

School Hours

The School hours are:

  • 8.55 am to 12.00 noon
  • 12.55 pm to 3.20 pm

All children are expected to be at school by 8.55 am for registration.  We ask that children do not arrive before 8.45 am.

Breaks: All children have a morning break of 15 minutes; Reception and Key Stage 1 have an afternoon play of 10 minutes.  We ask that the children only bring in fresh fruit to eat.  The school has signed up to the Free Fruit Scheme.  This means that all Reception and Key Stage 1 children are able to have a piece of fruit at morning break.  Any spare fruit is offered to the juniors.  Milk is available free for children under five.  Other children can have milk if arranged through Cool Milk, register at

School Security


All external doors open only from the inside.  The pedestrian entrance is locked from 8.55am – 3.15pm.  Anyone requiring access to the school between these times can use the side gate on the drive and report to the School Office through the main entrance.  Visitors can go through to the classrooms if they are escorted.  If they are remaining on the school premises they sign in the visitors’ book, kept in the School Office, noting their time of arrival and departure.  They will also be issued with an identity badge.