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Foxton’s School Association (FSA)


Every little bit of effort helps make the school a better place for your child. 

Research has shown that parental involvement has a significant impact on a child's achievement at school.  Children are often happier and perform better if they see their parents engaged in their school and learning. 


The Foxton School Association (FSA) brings together parents and teachers who are interested in supporting the school. A key aim is to help raise funds to improve the school experience, learning environment and wellbeing of your child/children.  In the past we have contributed to the cost of trips, including to Madrid, and provided a cover for the area outside Fox Cubs classroom, new library books, sports day medals and new hall curtains. 


The FSA also provides an opportunity to exchange views, work together and to develop mutual trust and confidence.  Informal meetings are held about every six weeks with the focus on planning and organising events.


After the year we’ve had the school will need more support than ever to improve the learning environment and staff and students’ wellbeing.   We need your help!


Ways you can help include: being an active member and attending meetings to help run events and activities, help raise funds from the community, organising raffle prizes, be on a roster for occasional events, bringing fresh ideas etc.


We know your time is precious and it may feel daunting to offer help now however you have something to offer, and all parents and teachers can get involved. You don’t have to attend every meeting either!   Please complete the form below and return it to the school office.


We would really appreciate it if you could give regularly.

The pandemic has made it a rocky last year or two – it’s been tough on everyone. Due to the many restrictions, the FSA hasn’t been able to host the usual events and as a result our fundraising has dropped significantly.  As the school navigates its way to a new normal, the impact of the pandemic on our children will become evident and the ways we can help the school with learning, development and wellbeing will become clear … for which we need funds. 


Setting up regular giving is easy to do through your bank.  Whether you donate £3 a month/£36 a year or £5 a month/£60 a year (less than Netflix subscription!) or more, we and your children would really appreciate it.  Here are our bank details:


Foxton School Association at HSBC bank

Account number: 51319507

Sort code: 40-32-04


What’s coming up?

  • Pre-loved sale – start the clear out now and sell your pre-loved items at the bring and buy sale. 
  • The AGM - the years agenda is outlined, and the FSA appointed roles will be voted in will.


Dates TBC.

Thanks for your support.  FSA x




Yes please, pass on my details to the FSA so I can be contacted to help out.



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