Gallow Field Road
Market Harborough
LE16 7QZ

Telephone: 01858 545 328

Equal Opportunities

All members of our school are treated as valued individuals irrespective of gender, ability or any other factor which may make them feel different.  Accordingly, we aim for the following:

  1. Equality of opportunity for girls and boys in all aspects of the curriculum or activities offered.

  2. The operation of our Special Educational Needs policy in support of this to access the curriculum for all pupils.

  3. Consistency and fairness in our treatment of all children as individuals regardless of race, gender or age.

  4. The recognition that all adults in the school are important role models for the behaviour and attitudes that we are aiming to promote in our pupils.

  5. Recruitment selection procedures for all staff that operate in accordance with good equal opportunities practice.

  6. To challenge any term of stereotyping when it is observed.

  7. That any form of harassment be considered a very serious matter and dealt with accordingly.

  8. Any breaches of the above to be reported to the Head Teacher or an appropriate member of staff and appropriate action taken.

  9. To record and deal with any racist incidents which occur.

All areas of the school are on one level, doorways are wide and there is easy access from cars or other transport with a designated parking space.  There are two toilets large enough for wheelchair access.  However, these are yet to be fitted out to enable wheelchair users to use them.  The school has its own kitchen and facilities for coping with special diets.  The governors ensure all building and maintenance is carried out to meet the needs of disabled pupils.