Gallow Field Road
Market Harborough
LE16 7QZ

Telephone: 01858 545 328

Year 1

Start of day

  • Children enter and exit school via Class One cloakroom only.
  • When waiting to enter in the morning, families line up along the fence in 2 metre distance.
  • At the beginning of the day, P Lambden to supervise 2 children at a time into the cloakroom to change and prepare.
  • Pegs to be reallocated to allow for space between them. When arriving in morning, 2 children in the cloakroom at a time, from opposite sides.
  • Children enter the classroom, taking single bag, and sit directly at allocated desk space (see below).


General movements

  • Use a one-way system for coming and going – in along path between building and fence, out along path next to field
  • New peg spaces with greater room between
  • No more than 2 children in the cloakroom at once
  • All children to wash hands with soap and warm water at classroom sink on entering and exiting the classroom – even when going to or returning from the hall
  • Once in the classroom, children must remain seated at their desks unless given permission to get up
  • Classroom freshly laid out with desks separated and one child per desk with 2 metres between.
  • Children to keep their bag, drink, snack, and lunchbox in the spare space next to them at their desk.
  • Children to only access the following spaces:
    • Class One
    • Class One Cloakroom
    • Toilets in Class One Cloakroom
    • Main walkway from Class One to Class One Cloakroom
    • Hall
    • Front Playground
    • Field (not trim trail or gym equipment)



    • Children will bring PE kit on first day and leave in school throughout
    • Children can bring a book from home or choose one from the school library which will remain on their desk throughout
    • Children can bring a water bottle from home to store on their desk
    • No additional equipment will be brought from home
    • Children will have a tray on their desk with necessary stationery provided by school
    • Children must not share equipment
    • Packed lunches will be stored on pegs
    • If computers are used during the day, they will be handed out by staff and disinfected before being put away
    • Equipment children have used in their tray will be periodically sanitised and sanitised thoroughly at the end of the day.
    • Toys and games will not be used in class. Any other essential materials (such as colouring pens, scissors, and glue sticks) will be allocated per child and kept in their equipment tray, which will be sanitised as mentioned).