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Market Harborough
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Telephone: 01858 545 328


We expect all pupils to maintain a high standard of behaviour.  There are four rules for good behaviour that are agreed across the school.

Rules for Good Behaviour:

  1. We listen to and follow instructions.
  2. We are always positive, honest and helpful.
  3. We keep hands, feet, objects and unkind words to ourselves.
  4. We look after our school.

To encourage the children to follow these we will acknowledge good behaviour.


  1. Praise, both formal and informal
  2. Material and token rewards (team points, stickers/stars, certificates, class trophy, end of year shields, etc.).
  3. Opportunities for greater responsibility (library monitor, head boy/girl).


For incidences of rudeness, stopping others from learning, and breaking the school rules, we follow the following procedure:

  • Children receive a verbal warning with consequence outlined.
  • Five minutes time-out
  • 10 minutes time-out with another teacher (quiet reflection/complete work)
  • Missing 5 minutes of break time / lunchtime – each class has a red card on which the names of any children missing 5 minutes of break time / lunchtime.  Loss of break / lunchtime to happen as soon as possible.  Adult on duty responsible for the loss of 5 minutes.  When on the field the waiting place is by the bike shed, when on the front playground the waiting place is by the gate, when on the back playground the waiting place is by the dividing fence.
  • Sent directly to the Head Teacher

Any children sent to the Head Teacher will write their name and reason for being sent in the Behaviour Book.  A ‘red letter’ which will state the reason for the entry in the Behaviour Book, will also be issued.  Where possible, a conversation between the teacher and parents will take place as the letter is handed over.  If this is not possible, a telephone call will follow to check the letter has been received.

Anti-Bullying Policy

We consider bullying to be a very serious matter and deal with it promptly whenever it arises.  We have a policy for dealing with bullying and we try to make sure that our response is swift and consistent.  At Foxton we work hard to stop bullying and want everyone to feel safe and happy. We treat bullying very seriously.

The children are taught the ‘STOP’ acronym:  START




A Worry Box is placed in the library for any child who wishes to report bullying confidentially.  For parents to report a suspected case of bullying a form is available from under the Visitors Book in the School Reception.  Children in Years 5 & 6 have been awarded the prestigious Princess Diana Anti-Bullying Memorial Award. This award is only given when an outstanding contribution has been made to Anti-bullying in school and communities.