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We believe in the value and importance of acknowledging the good work and effort of our pupils.  Children rewarded by being given merits, stickers or stars.

Every Friday our assembly recognises the achievements of the pupils, both during their time in school and any activities they may be involved in outside of school.  If children have received a certificate, medal, trophy or anything else that is a significant achievement they can announced and presented.  Exceptional work stamps are also shared.  At the end of the academic year an assembly takes place to present the Endeavour Shields and extend best wishes to the Year 6 leavers for their transfer.

Achievement Assemblies

Parents are invited once a month to join the children for special achievement assemblies beginning at 2.45pm.  The monthly Achievement Cup is presented in each class.  Dates for these assemblies can be found on the Annual Calendar.

September    - Rise to the Challenge                              February - Writing & Spelling

October          - Efforts in Presentation                           April   - Independence in Learning

November     - Achievements in P.E.                              May    - Numeracy Progress

December      - Performing Arts                                      June   - Reading Progress

January        - Kindness, Consideration, Helpfulness     July    - Rising to the Challenge

Head Girl and Boy

Each term a Head Boy and Girl are chosen from Year 6 by the teachers after nominations and discussion with pupils.  They are selected for being kind, considerate and courteous.

Foxton School Council

We actively seek the views of pupils and hold regular meetings to discuss issues.

The membership is as follows:      2 elected pupils from Class 1

                                                       2 elected pupils from Class 2

                                                       4 Team Leaders elected by each team

                                                       Head Boy and Head Girl

Each school councillor is responsible for talking to classmates so that ideas and issues are addressed.  A bright ideas box is placed in the Library for suggestions for discussion.


Each child at Foxton is assigned to a team.  Jaguars, Leopards, Pumas and Tigers are the teams.  Each month the team cup is awarded to the team with the most points.

Team points are received for exceptional work, kind and helpful acts above and beyond what is normally expected, and as an incentive for other activities.