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Sports Premium

P.E. and Sports Grant Expenditure 2020/2021


Amount of Sports Premium received


Carry Forward from 2019/2020







  • To improve the quality of teaching and learning in P.E. for all children.
  • To increase pupils’ engagement with physical activity and enable all pupils to get involved.
  • To increase the range of P.E. and sporting activities.
  • To support teachers’ and teaching assistants’ professional learning in P.E. and confidence.
  • To improve co-ordination of P.E. and sport.
  • To improve pupil performance in competitive sport at a local level and through inter school competitions.






Basketball Coaching


Children receive professional coaching from an expert.

Funded After School Club has seen a greater number of children attending than in previous years, including children who do not usually take part in a sporting club.


Sport Coaching



Teachers and Assistants have had the opportunity to observe specialists which has improved confidence and provided different approaches and ideas for delivering the P.E. curriculum.  Levels of self-confidence and esteem of the children has increased which in turn leads to improvement of levels of achievement across the curriculum.


Sports Partnership Membership


Enabled the children to participate in more sporting events than previous years.

Access to a consultant for guidance.

Access to a wide range of sporting competitions and children enthusiastic about entering competitions.

Children (sports leaders) organise and involved in school team competitions.

Access to training and networking.

Improved knowledge of teaching a wider range of sports.




Equipment to use during PE lessons.




C/F £4,110